Sports and Co-curricular activities


Badminton is offered to students of standards 3rd to 8th. Badminton has been an Olympic Sport. This sport develops excellent fitness, aerobic stamina, agility, strength, speed and precision. It´s a technical sport, requiring good motor coordination and development of sophisticated racquet movements. Students at Thakur Public School make good use of the Badminton Court in the school.


Basketball enhances the ability to think and move fast. The skills developed are explosive power, acceleration and co-ordination. Players develop the capacity to perform under pressure, extreme fatigue and stress.


Cricket players develop determination under excellent physical conditions. The various stretching exercises to warm up keeps them fit. An extremely popular activity with the TPS fraternity!


Football players develop muscular strength and endurance, leg, arm, back and thigh muscles are used the most. The sport requires the ability to perceive and anticipate, make decisions and adapt play to the circumstances. The school Football field is used extensively by our budding players.


Table Tennis improves concentration, co-ordination and agility. Cardiopulmonary capacity is improved with endurance runs, while quick movement is acquired by developing the leg muscles with jumping sessions and short sprints.


Dance brings about great flexibility, excellent sense of balance, physical strength, accuracy and creativity.